Are You Really Safe from Credit Card Scams?

Are You Really Safe from Credit Card Scams?

Credit cards can be your salvation if you need to make a purchase that your cash can’t. However, if it falls in the hands of culprits, it will start your financial disaster. Despite how Singaporeans know the risks of experiencing credit cards. There are still a lot of cases when people fall prey to fraud and  credit card scams.

Simple Ways to Keep Yourself Safe from Credit Card Scams

Avoid keeping your card in your wallet.

Even if you know, you will use it during your travel. So keeping your credit card and wallet separate is better. Most pickpockets know that your cards and cash will be in one place. So if you lose your wallet, you won’t have your money. But, you still got your credit card.

Another reason why you should not put your credit card in your wallet is to avoid a shopping spree. When you see your card, you will be tempted to swipe it. So better keep it away from your sight as much as possible.

Immediately report the loss of credit cards to the bank.

It is best to report the loss or theft to your card provider as soon as possible. Make sure that you can get a copy of a police report, the name of the officers who are investigating your case, and their phone numbers.

According to the law, you are given a maximum liability of $100. But, this is true only if your negligence did not cause the loss of the card. If the banks say that you were negligent, you can approach a law firm for legal advice.

Carry the card only when you are going to use it

There are times that you will be tempted to go shopping if you have your card readily available. However, leave the card at home if you have no plans of using it for any purchase or transaction.

Never write the security PIN at the back of the credit card

Never write your card PIN on your card for an obvious reason. If someone gets hold of your card, the person can easily shop around with your card and even make a cash advance that will seem unquestionable since your PIN has been used.

credit card scams


Never lose sight of the card.

When purchasing something, make sure that you never lose sight of your card to avoid unauthorised swipes and taps.

Do not hesitate to inquire when you don’t understand something

There are times that we enter into a transaction that we don’t really understand. It is a chance that the culprits take advantage of. If the transaction seems suspicious in any way, then just walk away than risk your finances.

Cut your credit card as soon as you close its account

To avoid credit card scams, do not let anybody from using your card. It is better to cut off the card after closing the account. This way, you will be sure that nobody else will have access to it.

Never pay in advance.

There are fake shopping sites that will ask for advance payments. Then after paying, you will never receive your item. Before making an advance payment, make sure you are dealing with a legitimate website.

Learn to spot warning signs in a fake Facebook promotion

With many promotions on Facebook, you have to be very keen on which one to believe. Check the link. It must end with .com, .org or perhaps .sg. If there are incomprehensible words, then it may not be legit. If a company is offering a promotion, the company’s official website must be mentioned. Check the grammar. Companies are very particular with their advertisements and promotions that wrong grammar will be unforgivable.

Remember to log off

If you are in a public place and using free WIFI, do not forget to log out to prevent other people from accessing your bank account. The same goes if you are overseas and using a public computer cafe. As much as possible, access your account in a private place.

Select passwords that are difficult to guess

Do not use birthdays and the names of your loved ones. These are the easiest to guess. Instead, be creative. Make it a bit longer and combine letters with numerical digits. Change your password regularly.

Enter the full URL of your bank

When accessing your bank account, make sure to type the whole URL. Some fraudsters can create identical fake websites. These fake websites are created to steal your bank details when you type them in. Always check the URL if it is the official site of your bank.

Do not click on any link purportedly sent to you by your bank via email.

You might get suspicious emails from your bank telling you that they have done a system upgrade and made another register. So you have to put in your financial details. Other emails might have spotted questionable activities involving your account details. In addition, you are required to key in your bank details for verifications. Never trust such emails. Give your bank a call immediately and report the email.

Install firewall and anti-virus

There will be culprits who will try to infect your software with the virus through click-bait sites. Install anti-virus and firewall to prevent them from accessing your device.

Check your bank’s website for information on their internet security

Visit your bank’s website. Check if the web address has a green lock icon, and the link should start with https. It means the website is well protected. Also, it proves that the company is legal.

Banks’ Ways to Keep You Safe from Credit Card Scams

New credit cards are EMV chip compliant.

A global security standard for Chip Card technology, the EMV is a smart chip that protects cards from fraudulent activities. It keeps your information safe through complicated encryptions.

Requires an OTP (One-time Password)

The bank sends a password to the cardholder through SMS. Also, you can only use it for a single transaction. Therefore, it ensures that only the authorised cardholder can use the credit card.

OTP to avoid credit card scams


Immediate email / SMS alerts are sent to cardholders when their card is used in any transaction.

You will immediately receive a message that your card has been used in a transaction. It indicates if the transaction has been suspected of fraudulent. You have to confirm it with your bank immediately.

Be responsible with your credit card and bank details. For example, if the transaction is questionable, it is better not to go through it. No matter how tempting it may be. If you feel safer using cash to make an immediate purchase, you can just easily get a flexible loan from Cash Mart.

9 Reasons Investors are Not Funding your Startup

9 Shocking Reasons Investors are Not Funding your Startup

Are you tired of your boss and the entrepreneur in you thinking you have a brilliant idea enough to have a startup? Then, be your own boss. However, every business requires capital. So, unless you have enough money in the bank, you need investors in funding your startup to make your product and service idea a reality.

Whatever your startup’s level, you need cash to kick start and keep the operations going. You’ll need it until it grows into a thriving enterprise. Yet, nobody is calling back despite approaching a long list of investors for funding your startup. So what could you be doing wrong?

You lack market research.

You need to prove your startup can earn money, and the investments can grow. Despite a visionary idea, you must have evidence showing your target consumers will value your business. Investing is like betting. Investors have to play it safe as much as possible. Make them believe your product is worth it through market research which involves your target consumer’s opinions, reflected research, and a systemic interpretation. And how can you apply this to your business process and products? A good business strategy makes research an essential part.

There are a lot of research firms in Singapore. Here are the top 5 according to Focus Singapore.

Acorn Marketing and Research Consultants Pte Ltd

ACORN is an independent Asian-based research company operating since 1985 to help entrepreneurs understand their target consumers. The company specialises in insightful marketing statistics, brand and product positioning, tracing marketing efficacy, configuration and other related streams.

ACORN for funding your startup

Agility Research and Strategy

Agility Research and Strategy is a research and consulting company focusing on Affluent and Luxury Consumers. The company believes that Affluent consumers have the buying power. As a result, it can actually affect brands and demands in travel, healthcare, financial services, home and personal technology, and shopping.


AXANTEUS Research is a Singapore based information, data and research consultancy service provider in the global market.

Kadence International Ltd

Founded in 1992, Kadence International Ltd is an independent full-service market research company based in Singapore. In addition, it works with international marketing analytic organisations.

Asian Strategies Pvt Ltd

Asian Strategies has been in business since 1991, with its firm located in Singapore. Its board members have more than 60 years of experience in market research.

Asian Strategies for funding your startup

If you use trusted research firms in Singapore, your data will be more credible in the eyes of the investors. However, if you currently lack funds for research, you can do surveys yourself. But, it won’t be easy as it involves various research applications.

You have no pre-orders for funding your startup.

It is understandable if the investors are cynical. You must show them that you already have consumers interested in your products and services even before launching. It serves as proof that you are diligent with your business. But the real question is, how to get pre-orders?

Approach your friends and families. Tap into their other circles of friends. In addition, they can even vouch for you. However, do not overdo it. Or else, it will seem to be a mere fabrication. Instead, it is better to back up your list with marketing research. This way, investors won’t think twice about funding your startup. 

You can’t focus on a single product.

Even though you possibly have a lot of product ideas, it is better to keep track of just one. You are a startup. Therefore, you are still building your credibility that you can indeed sell to consumers. You can’t afford to be all over the place. You may not please everybody. But, it is more important to please the right target consumers.

No marketing strategy for funding your startup

It is essential to focus on developing your product or service as previously sighted. Yet, you should not lose sight of your marketing strategy. Why? It will be the key to bringing in a large number of consumers. Despite having a good product, you have no market if nobody knows it exists. Let the investors know how you will reach out to your consumers.

You are talking to the wrong investors.

Investors have different fields. Therefore, they are more likely to invest in the area of their expertise. In addition, investing involves financial risks. That’s why it is a must to lessen this. Usually, look for funding your startup with industries they are more familiar with.

Nobody refers you

The mails and e-mails you send to prospective investors will usually end in the trash. Sadly, it is true if they have no idea who you are. So instead, find someone who can refer you to potential investors.

You don’t flash your team’s credentials.

There is a reason you have handpicked a team to support your startup. They could have a track record of established reputation, a couple of known successes, awards or valuable skills. Find your team’s credentials and flaunt them to your investors. Instead, investors would fund exceptional talents with a still-developing idea rather than on a priceless idea backed by a team with questionable skills. If you don’t have any credentials yet to take pride in, you can use your partner’s.

Detailed presentation

The more you show to the investors, the more question they will have as they will see cracks through your business strategies and process. So give them what they need to know about your business. But never fabricate just to sound credible.

How to Present your Startup

Make it clear that you know what the investors exactly expect to acquire.

You should make your investors know that you understand what they want, which is earning from your business. Show your business strategies most simply. If they ask for the same product, then that is the only time you should show them a prototype.

Layout your expenditure to show how they will spend their money.

Show transparency when it comes to finances by showing your budget in detail. It is essential that the investors can see where their money is going. In addition, they check if you are a wise spender. Identify project milestones and outline the work schedules. Know that they scrutinise your specific action plan rather than the actual business idea.

Think ‘lean.’

Ask for the minimum amount of resources enough to cover the current phase of the action plan to get to the next one. Do not expect the investors to give you cash to cover the whole business operations. Just make sure that you keep the initiative to update them every phase you complete regularly.

After the presentation:

Get in touch with each investor and ask for feedback.

Show that you value your investors by personally asking them for any input. Be ready to accept criticism and show them how you reflect this to your business process.

Be patient. Give around a few weeks to think about your proposal.

Some investors spend a week to months before they say their decision. Be patient and remember that these investors are still watching your progress despite a negative answer. If they see positive results, they are more likely to invest the next time you approach them.

Unclear Exit Strategy

There will be a time when investors have to withdraw their investments together with interest. As early as possible, present your strategic plans to maximise your profits. Show the layout of your timetable. Also, demonstrate that you understand how much time you have to return the investment and how much they expect to get from you.

Getting investors takes time. If you want to jump-start your startup now, you need more capital. Cash Mart can help you by funding your startup business loans. Drop by Cash Mart’s office at Balestier Road and chat with the friendly staff.  Cash Mart, a reputable lender, guarantees to have a loan fit personally for your needs.

The Best Credit Cards for Your First Dinner Date

The Best Credit Cards for Your First Dinner Date

We all know that your first dinner date is crucial to making lasting impressions. Unfortunately, we are now in modern times that we believe in gender equality. But, Singaporeans still tend to be conservative with first dates. Men must pay for the date. While women can offer to pay for their share, the guy who accepts the offer rarely gets a second date.

Sticking to a dinner date doubles the chance of seeing her again. Are you looking for a grand dinner date style? However, you are worried about paying way too much that you can spend at one time. So you have to get a credit card with the best dining privileges. Some cards can even get you a VIP reservation at Michelin Star restaurants here in Singapore and abroad.

What’s with the Michelin Stars? Prestigious restaurants around the globe aspire to get the hallmark stars. It is proof that they are the best among the best. Michelin awards these stars. Yes! The same company makes tires and grades restaurants according to a set of standards. If you take your date to these restaurants, nothing can go wrong but first, get the right dining credit card.

POSB Everyday Card

POSB Everyday Card offers a 9% rebate on your dining purchases. Also, this card lets you relish the braised four-head South African abalone and exceptional Cantonese cuisine in The Ritz-Carlton at10% off the total bill. You can take your date to Crystal Jade Golden Palace if you want more reasonably priced meals. Then, enjoy a 12% rebate on the ala carte food bill.

Both of these restaurants have one Michelin Star. It means that their food has consistently high standards and worth a visit if ever you are in the neighbourhood.

POSB Everyday Card for your fist dinner date

UOB Visa Infinite Card

UOB Visa Infinite Card is excellent for your first dinner date. Why? Because it offers VIP booking in Michelin Star restaurants. These restaurants are naturally sought after by locals and foreigners. That’s why you need to have a reservation. If you take your date abroad, impress your date by making a VIP booking and having dining privileges in 8 ½ Otto e Mezzo Bombana, Shanghai (3 Michelin Stars), Opera Bombana, Beijing (3 Michelin Stars). Moreover, bring her to Le39V, Paris (1 Michelin Star) and Pipero al Rex, Rome (1 Michelin Star).

Do you want to have a date here in Singapore? You can take her to Grand Hyatt Singapore and get up to 50% off on the total bill. Grand Hyatt Singapore has top restaurants with one of a kind spectacular style.

UOB Visa Infinite Card for your first dinner date

UOB YOLO for your First Dinner Date

Are you the type of guy who wants to keep it simple yet still in sleek style? Then, use your UOB YOLO credit card to get more than 50 exclusive promos in various bars and restaurants. It includes Bedrock Bar and Grill. So, if you think your date is more of a sweet tooth, take her to Cold Stone Creamery or Dean and Deluca. Afterwards, enjoy 10% off à la carte food bill. Then, take her to the movies as the card also gives 1-for-1 weekend movie tickets and up to a 10% rebate at Cathay Cineplexes.


Citi Cash Back Card

Citi Cash Back Card has dining privileges you might want to check out. It offers up to 8% cashback at all partnering restaurants, cafes, and food and beverage. If you want to take your date for a joy ride, you also use this card to refill your tank as it gives up to 20.88% Cash Back from Esso stations, up to 20.8% Cash Back at Shell, and 8% cashback at all other petrol stations. So take your first dinner date to various places in Singapore. Also, discover interesting things about each other.

Citi Cash Back Card for your first dinner date

On the other hand, no matter how prestigious or exciting the venue of your first dinner date is, it is more important to focus on the person you are with. Are you dating a rebel; who wants to cast off the usual romantic dinner dates? Then, you might need more cash than a card. So don’t miss the chance to get a quick cash loan from Cash Mart. Then, take your date to an entirely new level. Make it unpredictable, thrilling and adventurous. Keep the conversations interesting, wear your best, and most importantly, be yourself.

Do Reviews Help You to Find the Best Mattress

How Do Reviews Help You to Find the Best Mattress

Since different individuals have different sleep preferences, what works well for you may not work for someone else. If you want to find the best mattress, customer reviews online can help you. In addition, you get to know more about the new mattress you have been eyeing.

It is no secret that looking for the best mattress is challenging. Fortunately, more online mattress reviews are online. In addition, you can look for specific mattress reviews that can help you know more about the mattress you have shortlisted.

Professional review sites would be testing more mattresses than the average individual. That implies they could give you a far more diverse opinion. Online reviews help you to compare and find the mattress on various counts.

find the best mattress


Find the Best Mattress Support and Construction

Before purchasing a new mattress, you must first see how it supports your posture. The materials used for supporting your sleeping position can impact your comfort. Most modern mattresses would use any of these materials:


These mattresses would use metal springs to give support. The better and relatively more comfortable models would use more springs and place them strategically in separate pockets. Memory foam gets more preference than inner springs because of the pressure points. The springs would be pushing you up while you are sleeping on the mattress, compelling your spine to be out of alignment. Moreover, it may cause stiffness when you wake up.

Memory Foam

Memory foams are the most popular. This type of mattress receives the highest scores in online reviews regarding customer satisfaction. This gentle foam would get compressed under pressure and cradle you while you are lying down.

Simply, it is good at safeguarding you from pressure points and keeping your body in perfect alignment. Previously there were some issues regarding responsiveness and overheating. But, these issues have been effectively resolved in the current versions. You could browse through restonic mattress reviews if you wish to learn more about them before choosing.

Latex Foam

Latex Foam mattresses are known to be bouncier compared to memory foam. These mattresses could be manufactured with 100 per cent organic materials. Also, they are quite durable but slightly more expensive than the rest. Furthermore, latex mattresses are just a handful of reputable brands.

Hybrid Mattresses shared that Hybrid mattresses are a combination of two or more support systems that usuallyuse memory foam layers andh an innerspring system. This way, the sleeper can experience the pressure-relieving benefits of memory foam with the firmness of the innerspring mattress.

Sleep Preference and Firmness Options

Remember that your preferred sleep position would determine the pressure relief and the level of support that’s best for you. For example, back Sleepers feel more comfortable with medium-firm mattresses. Meanwhile, soft mattresses are best for side sleepers.

The soft mattresses ideally provide the right cushion for side-sleepers who require some room for their shoulders and hips to sink into their mattress. Firm mattresses are suitable for folks who sleep on their stomach. However, it is not really recommended because it puts a lot of tension on your neck and spine.

People who shift around while sleeping require a mattress that works in all these situations, which means one of medium firmness is just right for them.

Conclusion: Extra Features

Your quest for a suitable mattress would not end without considering the extra features of the mattress. You may examine the support material and the mattress cover in this context. After going through online mattress reviews, you can find the best mattress for you. In addition, compare the benefits and limitations of your options.

Think of your mattress as an investment. Sleep is vital to help our body rest and regain strength. Conversely, lack of good sleep can lead to stress, behavioural changes, difficulty concentrating, and mood swings.

Unfortunately, high-quality mattresses are more expensive. Need more cash to purchase the best mattress for you? Get an instant loan from Cash Mart.

Cash Mart is Singapore’s most reliable licensed money lender providing flexible personal loans which you can use in any way you want, such as purchasing your mattress.

5 Steps to Make Catchy Resumes For A New Job

Need a Job? Here are 5 Steps to Make Catchy Resumes

Most of us make catchy resumes to land a job. But, of course, it may just be a page or two. However, creating an effective resume may be your ticket to your chosen career path.

How will you catch your employer’s attention with perhaps hundreds of applicants?

You might have heard that your resume gives your employer the first impression of you. It mirrors your work attitude. Therefore, you can’t just make a lame one out of a template.

Yes, employers are aware that countless templates are hanging around the website. After reading this article, you will learn:

  • How to make a unique resume headline
  • How to create resume profiles
  • Which is a must exclude information
  • And what technicalities must be avoided

Plan your framework and which information you have to include.

Steps to Make Catchy Resumes


Start with a Resume Headline

Keep it short, direct and simple. There is no need for overused adjectives. Instead, a couple of words may be enough to highlight your value as an applicant.

Write your headline below your name and contact information. Then, your employer will only have a few minutes to read your resume. Time is valuable. Seeing your clear headline gives the reader an idea of who you are and what you can do.

3 Simple Tricks for Writing a Resume Headline

  • Keep it short by stating your value as an applicant in one short phrase. It is not even a sentence.
  • Use keywords to help your interviewer easily know if you are fit for the job. Before creating a resume, you should have conducted some research about the company and the specific job position you are applying for. It will help you choose the right keyword.
  • Personalise your headline for each job position in each company you are applying for if you have a few job interviews.


  • Detail-Oriented Web Designer with Multiple Successful Campaigns
  • Results-Driven System Administrator with In-Depth Knowledge of Oracle DB and MySQL
  • Education Graduate with Experience in Tutoring Japanese Students
  • Bilingual Nurse with Five Years’ Experience in Intensive Care Unit

Resume Profiles

Your resume profile may come next after your headline. It is a summary of your qualification. While the resume headline is only a phrase, the resume profile may be in paragraph or bulleted form. Most people prefer the bulleted format. It is concise and on point.


Detail-Oriented Web Designer with Multiple Successful Campaigns

  • Transforms visual designs into completed HTML pages while strictly following the design specifications
  • Implements creative, technical and conceptual digital design solutions
  • Maximises the use of WordPress, making the web pages easily accessible

Professional Contact Information

Some employers prefer seeing the phone number, email and link to your LinkedIn page in just one line.

When it comes to email, make sure that it looks professional. For example, do not include your hobby or favourite band’s name.

  • Do not use emails such as
  • You can use emails such as

Employment History

List your employment status with the most recent first. There is no need to include irrelevant roles on the job training almost 10 years ago.

Include your employer’s name, the exact period you worked in each company and your job title. Make sure to write your job accomplishments instead of job responsibilities.

Instead of “responsible for answering customer inquiries,” you can write “Handled at least 100 customer calls per day.” In addition, you can include related job awards if you have some.


You may include your college and post-graduate job. On the other hand, it is not practical to include your high school education unless you do not have a college degree.

Interpersonal Skills List

There are what you call soft skills. While these are technical skills, they are equally necessary to land the job. An employer values someone who can interact well with co-workers. Choose your words wisely and create an active sentence or phrase.

Instead of writing “When I was in my previous company,” you have to make it into “I have strong motivational skills to…”

It may be easy to create a long list, but make sure that it shows in your character when you meet your potential employer. For example, if you say you are always confident about beating the deadline, your confidence must be seen in your personality.


Nurse: empathic, caring, and passionate

Sales Manager: friendly, persuasive, convincing

Select a resume layout but not totally copy it.

Personalise it to make catchy resumes. Employers will know if your resume is only a downloaded template. It is obvious if you just filled in the blanks.

To make catchy resumes, use professional format text 

Your text must seem professional. Use Arial, Calibri, Times New Roman, or Verdana. Then, use bold and italics to highlight the details.

Save in various formats.

Save in Microsoft Word, PDF, and other formats. Furthermore, save in your PC, USB, or cloud for backups.


  • Customise to make catchy resumes according to the job position you are applying for.
  • Make sure there are no spelling mistakes. Most employers get annoyed with this. However, it shows if you have an eye for details.
  • Make it concise and check for grammatical errors.
  • Read the employer’s job posting and match your resume to it.

Creating a resume may be challenging, but you really have to do it to put all the details you already have. So be genuine and highlight what you have to offer.

Be more ready with your job application with Cash Mart. It is a legal money lending company that approves a short-term loan. Use it in preparation for your journey of job hunting. 

Is Debt Consolidation Loans Right for Your Business? 8 Important Things You Should Know

Is Debt Consolidation Loans Right for Your Business? 8 Important Things You Should Know

Most businesses have an extremely daunting time managing the huge debt amount they have. However, the business owner faces constant stress and worry about the rising burden of the business debts. You have the freedom to opt for debt consolidation loans.

In fact, according to Forbes, 90% of business ventures fail due to cash-poor positions. Sometimes, there are not enough returns for clearing loans.

A debt consolidation program can drive the business towards an empowered and debt-free future. Debt consolidation loans are responsible for combining diverse balances. This way, you owe to the various creditors, in only one monthly payment and a single rate of interest. In addition, the debt consolidation procedure can help ease the burden of debt. Plus, it allows you to pay the debts in a more attainable manner.

Given below is a list of the facts about a debt consolidation loan. You should know and understand before you choose it for your business.

debt consolidation loans


Debt consolidation loans cannot erase the business debt.

Debt consolidation is responsible for combining all the various business debts and balances into a single payment. Therefore, it is not only simple but also convenient. In addition, the loans are extremely effective in making the repayments of business debt attainable and manageable. Furthermore, the loans do not mean erasing the outstanding debts. Instead, it involves bundling the individual debt amounts into impressive new loans with single payments.

Two kinds of debt consolidation loans exist.

You have to have sound knowledge of the two different kinds of debt consolidation loans. The two types include secured and unsecured loans. You have to know that a secured loan is typically associated with your valuable assets. For example, your home, car, property, etc., become collateral. It applies, especially if your business defaults on the repayment of a loan.

On the other hand, unsecured loans have no relationship with your assets. An unsecured loan depends on the credit score and the credit history. It helps determine if you are considered a borrower of high risk. You need to take help from professional debt consolidation organisations or lending firms. They assist you in getting reliable and prompt solutions. Therefore, your business is capable of reaping the benefits.

Credit counselling and debt consolidation are not the same

Credit counselling and debt consolidation are not the same, but the businesses often entwine them. Also, a credit counselling agency employs certified and qualified people. First, they will be assisting you in creating a budget for your business. Then, they will further craft a fresh plan. This way, your business is capable of getting rid of the excess debt amounts.

A credit counselling agency normally tends to look at the broader picture. For example, it includes the overall structure of the finance of your business. Plus, it goes along with the debt amount that you have.

Debt consolidation can help to clear your loans.

Debt consolidation is responsible for merging all the business loans into only one loan or a single payment with a low-interest rate. It means that it will be easier for you to free your business from the tight clutch of the never-ending business loans. In addition, you now can pay the current business loans that you owe to the creditors. You use the monthly payments along with a low rate of interest.

Debt consolidation loans imply new lenders.

The third-party systems of payment are employed for debt consolidation loans. As soon as the debts have been consolidated, you only have to pay the intermediary. It is opposed to paying directly to the creditor. Once they have already completed all the negotiations with creditors,  you are responsible for paying from your side. Most debt consolidation agencies have a perfect rapport with the lenders. Also, they will be successful in coaxing out better terms and offering low rates of interest. Thus, it effectively helps you to clear the remaining debts that are present.

How can you consolidate your business debts?

It is also important that you have knowledge about how you can consolidate the business debts.

Below is the how-to list for preparing yourself to handle the business debts.

Figuring out the total amount

The first step you should take as a business owner is figuring out the total amount you owe to the individual creditors. You need to take a look at your outstanding debt and ensure that you are making a list of all the debt and the balances. Also, you will be interested in comparing the loans’ terms to observe the total time left for clearing the current loans. Moreover, you can go with to gain more information about a debt consolidation loan.

Calculating the blended rate of interest

Debt consolidation loans are responsible for taking all the loans at various interest rates and merging them into a single loan. It is crucial that you know the average rate of interest that you will be paying across the debts. Calculating the blended interest rate across all the debts and comparing that with the rate of interest on the business debt consolidation loan is significant. When you find out the blended rate, you will have the basis of comparison when comparing the interest rates for the new consolidation loan.

Having a clear purpose

Licensed moneylenders always require the perfect sense of how you are using the funds you are interested in borrowing. Therefore, it is crucial that you decide how to use the loan before borrowing money. When you have a perfect plan, it will help you communicate with your creditors properly. Ensure that you can explain how you are going to use the funds and the total money that you require.


Educating yourself about a business debt consolidation loan will help you understand if it is perfect for your business. In addition, you should opt for other debt-relief options. Ensure that you gather proper knowledge about the various factors associated with this loan.

5 Travel Spots Perfect for the Year-End Holidays

5 Affordable Destinations Perfect for the Year-End Holidays

With only a month left in 2016, where do you plan to go without burning a hole in your pocket? Discover the most affordable destinations perfect for the year-end holidays in Asia.

The Best Destinations Perfect for the Year-End Holidays


Located between Vietnam and Thailand, Cambodia has gained popularity among tourists mostly because of Angkor Wat. Going to the temples of Angkor Wat, take a bike and enjoy the scenic view of landscapes and take in the fresh air from nature. Then, go to the beach and bury your toes in the sands as you watch the waves kiss the shore. If salt water is not your thing, you can just visit Tonle Sap, a vast lake that can change its flow direction twice a year.

Of course, the tour won’t be complete if you pass up Amok Trey, the famous fish dish with curry and coconut milk. Try the green papaya salad known as Bok L’hong. Love chicken dishes? Order Caw, Cambodia’s version of chicken stew with caramelised palm sugar.


With a fast-growing technology industry, Malaysia is still known to have diverse traditions and cultures. Visit the tea plantations in Cameron Highlands and bring home handpicked leaves. If you are after a nature trip, go to Taman Negara and experience what its rainforest offers.

Try the signature breakfast, Nasi lemak, which is mixed with milk and coconut cream if you like rice. Then, have some renditions, or meat stewed in various spices. Like peanuts? Satay has skewered meat seasoned with herbs and served with peanut dip.


Vietnam is known for its floating market called Mekong Delta. Experience the country’s rural life and bargain for fun. Order the famous Pho, a traditional broth with noodles, meat, and spices, if you get hungry haggling. Suppose you want some snacks, order Banh xeo, a local dish made of crispy rice crepe.

Mekong Delta Vietnam | 5 Affordable Destinations Perfect for the Year-End Holidays



When in Thailand, you can’t miss The Grand Palace’s impressive architecture and landscape. Let your eyes feast on a variety of birds and tigers, and elephants in Khao Yai National Park. If you are into white beaches with clear blue waters, you must visit Ko Tarutao.


If you are in Indonesia, you must visit the beautiful Buddhist Temple Borobudur during sunrise to experience the awe and serenity the environment brings. Beach bums will surely enjoy Bali. Take in the scene, breathe in the salty breeze before snorkelling to see the living coral reefs. Also, enjoy Nasi Goreng, Indonesia’s signature spicy fried rice dish served with cucumber and tomatoes topped with eggs, shrimp and chicken. Finally, have a serving of Bakmi. An egg noodle served with meat and vegetables.

The Best Credit Cards to Bring Perfect for the Year-End Holidays 

Citi PremierMiles Visa Card

You can earn 10 Citi Miles for every dollar you spend when you book your travels online. If you apply for the card now, you can get up to 42,000 Miles:

  • 15,000 Miles is you spend any amount
  • 15,000 Miles if you spend at least $10,000 in three months
  • 12,000 Miles is the accumulated Miles based on the $10,000 spent
  • Spend the long weekend overseas and get 50% more miles

Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Card

  • Get 3 Miles in every $ you spend overseas with a minimum spend of $2,000
  • If you can’t reach the minimum amount, you can still get 2.5 points or 1 mile for each $.
  • Get a priority pass to airport lounges
  • Up to $1,000,000 of coverage for accidental death
  • Baggage loss is also covered by up to $5,000

OCBC Voyage Card

  • Get 2.3 VOYAGE MILES every time you spend $1 converted from foreign currency.
  • Earn 2.3 VOYAGE MILES for each $1 you spend dining locally
  • Have 1 VOYAGE MILES with every $1 spent locally
  • Have a complimentary limousine transfer service
  • Get a complimentary travel insurance worth up to $1 million

OCBC Voyage Card | 5 Affordable Destinations Perfect for the Year-End Holidays


ANZ Travel Visa Signature Card

  • Have 1.4 air miles for every $1 spend
  • Get priority access to worldwide airport lounges with a minimum spend of $10,000 every quarter.
  • Airport Limousine Service
  • Complimentary travel insurance


  • Get 6 miles for every $1 you spend on major hotels and airports
  • You get 2.4 miles for each $1 you spend overseas
  • Travel Insurance worth up to $1,000,000
  • If you sign up now, you will get 10,000 welcome miles.

Travelling is now one of the rewards Singaporeans give themselves every now and then. Since you want to enjoy your money’s worth, you have to plan where you will go and what you want to experience. Bring along your loved ones and share the priceless memories. Also, choose which credit card to take with you to have more convenience and further rewards.

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Why Singaporeans Overspend on Holidays Overseas?

Reasons Budget Travelling Singaporeans Overspend on Holidays Overseas

It is common for Singaporeans overspend on holidays, especially overseas. Find out the top reasons why it happens.

Over the years, while Singapore has been a hot spot for tourism for foreigners, the number of Singaporeans spending holidays overseas is constantly growing. Furthermore, it is even bound to rank as the fourth outbound city market until 2020.

It seems everyone will grab every opportunity to spend the long weekend in another country. Their reason is to escape the gruelling work life.  So, where have your neighbours and relatives been going? According to GfK’s Travelscan data, most Singaporeans headed to China, Thailand and Hong Kong. However, China gets 20% of the outbound Singaporean flight with the intent of leisure. As for Thailand, it gets 16% of the outbound flights. Bangkok, Phuket, and Chiang Mai are its most visited cities.

However, China is still at the highest rank. Although its flight bookings have decreased by 6%, many are now eyeing Japan. All because of the increasing strength of the Singaporean Dollar. It means you can buy more stuff in Japan now. Plus, you can enjoy more cherry blossoms.

budget travelling singaporeans overspends holidays overseas


Singaporeans Overspend on Holidays: Budget Travelling Mistakes

Avoiding other travellers

Do not avoid other backpackers. You are missing out on the fun of backpacking. In addition, a great chance to save up on your ride to your next destination. You will be ecstatic to know their willingness to offer you a shared ride. Some go to your next destination if you are luckily going in the same direction. Also, they may give you tips on where you can get the cheapest yet a good place to sleep and eat. It comes in handy instead of spending too much time walking around and figuring out transportation and accommodation on your own. Furthermore, fellow backpackers can teach you the route of intercity buses or perhaps how to haggle fare with tuk-tuks and songthaews.

Take hostel security lightly.

You can never be too sure about your safety when you sleep if you are stingy enough to sleep in shared accommodation. So always keep your valuables near you. You can even purchase a bicycle chain to lock your bag in the bedpost. It may sound silly. But, it might just save you from a lot of worries and unnecessary expenses if you lose your stuff.

Paying for not pre-booked luggage

Pre-booked luggage of 15kg can cost $20. Failure to pre-book may cause you $50 and more. So if you went to Thailand with just a backpack and now you have a couple of large colourful bags beside your bedpost, remember to book your luggage. If you have already booked your flight, do not hesitate to call your airline. Adjust your luggage booking as you need.

Singaporeans overspend on holidays due to unorganised backpack

There are times when you have stuff in your home yet do not mind packing it up. So when you need it on your trip, you end up buying the same item at a ridiculous price.

Here are the things you have to keep in your bag.

Water bottle

We have 7-11 in almost every street to grab a bottle of ice-cold water to quench your dried throat. However, it might not be the same in other countries. Are you not sure about the availability of convenience stores in your travel destination? It is better to have a water bottle you can refill in the water dispensers available in your accommodation. It is more practical than buying expensive bottled water while going on your adventure.


We all know snacks are like gold in hot tourist spots. It is very expensive. Plus, it might not be too mouthwatering for your palate. However, you have no choice but to chomp it down because you are too hungry walking under the scorching heat.

Always carry a small bag of biscuits or crackers around. It replenishes your energy until you reach a restaurant more soothing to your taste and budget.

Insect repellant

Going to tropical countries where it is too humid? Expect swarms of mosquitoes to ruin your night escapades and sleep. Also, these mosquitoes are potential carriers of dengue and malaria virus. To protect yourself, you must carry your insect repellant. Unfortunately, some local repellants and bug sprays don’t work well. It is better to have your trusted insect repellant than regret sleepless nights during your holiday.


We all know the growing attachment Singaporeans have with Wi-Fi, yet this is not only for games such as Pokemon Go. Smartphones are now necessary to navigate places at ease. Also, it contacts your family to assure them of your safety. In addition, you can download offline maps if you are not sure of your constant connection with the web.

Power bank and charger

Of course, your smartphone will be useless without power. So always be sure to have your power bank and charger with you every time you go out. Also, have an outlet adapter if possible. Different countries have various kinds of electrical outlets. The last thing you want is an incompatible charger with the accommodation’s outlet. Or else your smartphone battery is already drained for hours.

Quick-dry towel

Since you are a budget traveller, you tend to sleep in hostels, cheap hotels and guesthouses. These charge fees for dry towels. To save up, bring a quick-dry towel that will be handy. It is usually lightweight and can be folded into a smaller size. Therefore, it saves up on space. In addition, it takes only a couple of hours to dry, unlike the regular towels.

Travel insurance

If you consider skipping travel insurance on your must-have list, you endanger your safety and finances. While there is a chance that you will not even use the insurance, there are moments when you will be thankful you have purchased one. Most travel insurance covers medical bills abroad. Others even cover lost luggage, delayed flights and missed the connection.

Using credit cards

Overall Singaporeans overspend on holidays might increase by 2.5% to 3%. It happens, especially if you keep swiping your credit card overseas. So make sure to get your SD converted into the correct currency of your travel destination. Examples are Baht, Yen, Pesos, and others.

Buying travel insurance offered by airlines

There is a lot of travel insurance shoved on your face if you look online. However, you have to make sure that you get the best one. So take time to shop around and remember that there could be better travel insurance than your airline offered.

Pre-existing medical conditions

Check if the travel insurance covers pre-existing medical conditions. For example, what if you collapse while chomping down on steak in the middle of the Bahamas sunset due to a pre-existing heart problem? Most airline travel insurance will not cover you.

Trip disruption

Most travel insurance will entice you with promising money claims if you experience disrupted flights due to unforeseen circumstances. However, be sure to read the fine prints. You will see that some insurers have a wider range of coverage than others. For example, you usually get a payout with cancelled, postponed, or delayed flights. Still, only a handful of insurance will pay for your extra plane ticket or accommodation. They consider it if your flight gets cancelled while you are overseas. Also, it covers illness, natural disasters and strikes or riots.

Missed connections

Long flight travels need connecting flights, and stories of missed connecting flights are not new to us. It is like a nightmare nobody wants to experience in real life. If you are on a budget flight, it is your responsibility to book your two separate flights at the most convenient time. Only a few travel insurance will pay for your missed connecting flight.

Overbooked flights and public transport

Overbooking results from oversold flights because airlines expect some no-show passengers. However, there are times when passengers get bumped. It means there are limited seats for too many passengers. If you get bumped, you might have to stay at the airport or find accommodation. Some airline travel insurance will only give you a $100 voucher as compensation. Choose travel insurance which will cover not only your overbooked flight ticket. But, also your accommodation and other overbooked transport such as trains and buses.

Kidnap and hostage

Singaporeans know that there is a slim chance of getting kidnapped and hostage. But won’t it be a bit relieving to know your travel insurance compensates you?

Personal liability

Some of us do stupid things when we get away from our own country and experience different environments. Others get too drunk and get into a bar fight. Some run over pets or even locals due to irresponsible driving. Unfortunately, only a handful of travel insurance will cover personal liabilities and will cover your legal fees.

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10 Easy Steps to a Perfect Pitch For Investors

10 Easy Steps to a Perfect Pitch Investors Can’t Resist

Anxious about your business pitch? You have the right reasons to be. We prepared 10 easy steps to a perfect pitch. Find out how.

A pitch may just take a few minutes. But, it has the power to propel your business to the top. Or crash it into dust.

That is why you need an irresistible pitch that gets funded.

Open a golden opportunity.

Create a pitch that makes heads turn and lingers in the investors’ minds.

easy steps to a perfect pitch


10 Easy Steps to a Perfect Pitch

1. Focus on a single product


2. Write a business plan


3. Show your figures


4. Keep your elevator speech short


5. Your presentation should not be longer than 15 minutes


6. A thought-out executive summary


7. Realistic exit strategy


8. Never ask for a Non-Disclosure Agreement


9. Work on your delivery


10. Be open-minded

Each investor has their own reasons for funding a business.

Some invest based on facts and experience, while others consider how they deliver the pitch. And your goal is for the investors to beg for a piece of your business.

It sounds impossible, isn’t it?

But don’t fret. It can be done. If you know what your investors want, learn how to tempt them. Therefore, create an irresistible pitch to entice and convince them. Take note of our helpful tips to achieve your goal.

However, what if you failed and didn’t win the additional funding you need for your business? Don’t worry. Also, you can reach out to trusted licensed money lenders for immediate cash.

Some reviewed moneylenders and credit companies such as Cash Mart offer business support. Through a small business loan in Singapore, it is possible to help you have a better cash flow for your business.

Escape Spiraling Debts and Prevent Being Broke: 4 Effective Ways

4 Effective Ways to Escape Spiraling Debts to Prevent Being Broke

Too many financial obligations can lead you to be broke. Prevent this from happening by applying these ways to escape spiraling debts.

It is widely accepted that loans are part of an average Singaporean’s life. However, while getting a housing loan to get a home is needed, getting into too much debt might put you into bankruptcy. Therefore, this will forever change your life.

Recent Facts:

  • The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has urged Singaporeans to be more prudent to service debt obligations. The government acknowledges the high number of households with loans. In 2015, the REPAYMENT ASSISTANCE SCHEME (RAS) was introduced to help earners of less than $120,000 per annum pay outstanding debts.

Monetary Authority of Singapore | Ways to Escape Spiraling Debts

  • In September 2015, 94,950 debtors missed payments on unsecured credit for two or more months. It is a noticeable increase from 80,390 in 2014. Therefore, it is no secret that more and more Singaporeans use loans. They apply to either get by through financial gaps or purchase things they have wanted or n. However, there is an increase in debtors missing their repayments. Remember that late repayments will pull down your credit score. Therefore, future lenders will evaluate your creditworthiness. Mainly, they consider your credit score.
  • Households Debt to GDP (Gross Domestic Product) in Singapore averaged 40.70 percent of GDP from 1991 until 2015. However, it reached an all-time high of 60.80 percent of GDP in the third quarter of 2015. The increasing household debt to GDP might not show its effect as of now. However, it might hinder the economic growth potential of Singapore in the long run. That is why the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) continues to have strict lending restrictions.

5 Signs you Have to Escape Spiraling Debts

Your loan application keeps getting rejected.

Both banks and money lenders have been rejecting your loan application. The lenders are usually evaluating the risk of each potential client. If they think you are a risky customer, they will deny your loan application.  Another reason they might be rejecting you is that maybe they were your past lenders. Unfortunately, you did not diligently pay your loans. Also, your credit score may be at an all-time low. It often indicates a serious financial problem.

Your Debt to Wage Ratio is higher than 80%

To compute your debt to wage ratio, you have to add up all your repayment obligations in a month. Then, compare it with your monthly salary. For example, if you earn $4000, your accumulated repayment each month is $3,500. But, then, you only have $500 to spend on your monthly necessities and everyday needs.

If your debt to ratio reaches 100% and higher, this is a sign of seeking help from credit counseling services. Examples are Credit Counseling Singapore- a non-government-link organization.

You earn a median wage, but you are unable to repay loans on time

If you consistently have late repayments or haven’t paid your loans for more than three months, you are already in spiraling severe debt. The median wage in Singapore is $3,700. You should start backtracking if you earn above it yet can’t pay your monthly dues. Afterward, recreate a budget plan.

You cannot even pay the minimum repayment amount.

You are in a debt crisis if your duties exceed your salary. If you can only repay just the minimum repayment, it is time to restructure your debt.

You have to choose between paying loans and necessities

If you find yourself deciding whether to buy food or pay your loans, you are in a debt crisis. It is fine to give up your leisure. These are watching movies and buying a new pair of shoes. However, missing basic necessities such as food, water, electricity, and phone bills is a serious dilemma.

Now that you discovered your debts are out of control.

5 Situations that can make it worse

Yes, it can still get worse. But, unfortunately, it does happen.

Getting injured abroad

If you do not have extra savings at hand, you will have a problem when you get injured abroad. The Consulate or Embassy of the Republic of Singapore in the foreign country will only help you contact your significant others back home. But they will be unable to help you financially. Therefore, it is better to have travel insurance with wide coverage if you travel abroad.

Serious house repairs

Suddenly bursting pipes, flooded toilets, and a severe power failure need major house repair. If you have limited money or savings, how will you deal with a refrigerator full of food? These items will easily rot in such a tropical heat.


Suddenly being laid off.

You may have heard some rumors. However, you were not prepared when your company suddenly laid you off due to budget cuts. If you have spiraling debt and suddenly lose your only source of income, you are in trouble. Know the signs if you are about to lose your job.

Credit card fraud

You have heard stories of identity thief victims, and you might never know if you are the next prey. Be careful when putting your sensitive information online. Once a hacker uses your credit card and maxes it out, you will be in deeper debt. The good thing is, with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) guidelines, your maximum liability is only $100. It would apply to you unless there were negligence on your part. Always keep your card details secured if lost. If you think someone else has been using your cards without your permission, report it to the bank immediately.

Dental problem

It is found not to be able to watch TV due to a power outage. You can live with that for some time. However, if you got a toothache, consider it an emergency since the pain might be too much to handle. Hope you will not need a root canal or any major dental costs.

What to do to escape spiraling debts?

Pay off the bad debt first.

There can be two kinds of debts. Good Debts are loans that can help you with your asset or wealth, such as a housing loan. The bad debts are the ones you have already exhausted their use. Or you have to use it to buy something which depreciates after some time, such as car loans and payday loans.

Pay the bad debts first as they possibly have the highest interest rates. Then, after paying off the bad debts, you can focus more on the good debts. Remember that it will reflect late repayments on your credit scores.

Among the bad debt, prioritize the ones with the highest interest

Pay the highest interest rate first because as long as it gets unpaid, the more interest it will accumulate. Thus, the ballooning cost will blow up in your face. Sadly, a difficult time to escape spiraling debts. 

Create a debt repayment plan

List down all your loans and start a debt repayment plan. Put in their interest rates and the repayment schedule.

Arrange the list in such a fashion. The top should be the ones you need to pay off first.

Join a support group

You will learn responsible borrowing, your rights as a borrower, and your responsibilities. If you have loans from loan sharks by chance, these groups will likely help you find ways of solving this problem. The support groups will not entirely give you money to pay all your debts. However, they will surely give emotional support as having spiraling debt can be psychologically draining.

If you already feel that you will have problems with repayments, never hide from your lenders. Instead, communicate with them. Afterward, you will be surprised that lenders are willing to adjust repayments terms for their clients.

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