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How to Apply Online Loan Singapore in 3 Minutes?

We are now used to the convenience brought by the internet. So here’s how you can apply online loan Singapore in 3 minutes.

Food delivery, house cleaning services, and buying groceries are accessible online.

Also, this case applies when you need instant cash since there are loans you can now process online.

This detailed guide will help you understand how online loan in Singapore works. However, one of the more convenient ways to skip the nitty-gritty details on how to apply for an online loan that fits your needs easily is to contact an accredited moneylender in Singapore.

Despite the overwhelming number of moneylenders floating around the web, certain things still must consider.

What to check in a licensed moneylender?

Security Policy of the Website

If you are going to process your loan online, you will have to divulge your personal information, making you vulnerable to identity theft. Get to know the company you are giving your information to. Go over its website and see if it has a legit feeling.

Check for the padlock icon located next to the site’s email address. Aslo, if the ‘https’ is green, you’re on a secure website.

Call the lender’s phone number. Then, ask for their security policies to put your mind more at ease.

Also, make sure you read the privacy policies. Some lenders pass your information to other lenders for some commission.


Since you are processing online, you expect faster approval of loans. Browse around the lender’s site and check their guaranteed length of time for loan processing online. Remember that you need INSTANT cash.


Since it is risky to put up your information online, it is imperative to check the lender’s licensure on the Ministry of Law website. There are a lot of lenders willing to give you a loan. Make sure that you choose a legal moneylender with an active license. And though the lender is licensed, this does not guarantee quality service. Some licensed lenders had their licenses revoked. The government holds strict regulations in the money lending industry to protect borrowers and lenders.

Amount of Money to Loan

When getting the best personal loans, make sure that you do not get carried away and acquire loans bigger than you can afford. You have to remember that you will pay monthly.

If you have a lot of other financial responsibilities, you need to redo your budget. Defaulting your loan can lead to a bad credit rating. In addition, you will have a hard time getting more loans in the future.

Loan Tenure and Late Charges

In 2014, Easy88 lost its license after a client reported it charged extremely high ‘late charges.’ Though there is a regulation on the maximum interest rate lenders can get, there isn’t any law about the late fees.

Some lenders give a one-day loan, which requires the client to pay back the loan with interest on the next day. For example, the borrower applied for a loan of $1000 then got charged with a late repayment fee of $600 after failing to pay on time.

Deep in debt, the client then went to two other licensed providers. For example,  Assure Capital and AP Credit to cover the skyrocketing charges. But in the end, the borrower only gets the same horrible experience as the first one.

Check the Review Sites

Spend some time reading in moneylenders’ review sites. It is a place where clients voice out their satisfaction and frustrations over the services they receive from their moneylenders.

Also, you can gain insights into how a particular lender interacts with the clients. Therefore, it helps you decide which moneylending company you can apply. 


Some licensed moneylenders in Singapore do not require a long list of requirements. With this, the loan approval process has been conveniently shortened. However, it would be best if you never let anyone gain access to your Sing Pass.

apply online loan Singapore


Cash Mart Online Loan Application Process

The sample is purely based on the online loan application of Cash Mart Singapore. 

  1. Submit the filled-in online inquiry form.
  2. Wait for an email from the moneylender.
  3. Come down to the moneylender’s office.
  4. Chat with a loan executive
  5. Sign the contract
  6. Get the cash

How to Detect Loan Scams Online

As the growing moneylending industry grows, fraudulent activities spread as well. So, better protect yourself from being a victim of loan sharks. 

Loan Phishing Scams

Phishing is when fraudsters impersonate a reputable moneylender. Then, they will try to milk more personal information.

For example, some impersonate a well-known financial institution website. Meanwhile, others take time to create a seemingly legitimate site.

With the gathered personal information, they can steal your identity and apply for credit cards in your name or do other transactions at your expense.

Advance Fee Loans

The scammer will request a fee to release the ‘approved loan.’ When you are in great need of instant cash, it is good news to have your loan approved. However, you are asked to advance the processing fee or two months of payments before the actual loan is released.

Warning signs

Below are red flags you must observe when interacting with a moneylending company. 

  • A lender uninterested in your credit history

Even legitimate lenders cannot guarantee 100% if you can have a loan. Therefore, most licensed moneylenders prefer to talk with the borrower personally to evaluate creditworthiness.

  • Upfront loan fees

Licensed moneylenders in Singapore will NEVER ask for any upfront fee before you receive any loan. Most scammers will call this the processing fee, yet you will never receive any loan amount. To learn more about different types of loan scams, click here.

  • Pressure to decide immediately

No lender should pressure you, especially when deciding to sign a contract. Instead, take your time. Always ask for necessary documents. Never hesitate to confirm the echo behind your mind. 

  • No Location Information

Location increases police detection. Make sure you apply for an online loan from a money lender with a physical office. Without it, consider them as a loan sharks. 

  • Too easy process

On the other hand, if your loan gets approved without so much of a fuss, then it is something you should look out for.

Remember this when you apply online loan Singapore. Licensed a moneylender follows a particular application procedure. 

If you are looking for instant cash from a reputable moneylender online, start processing loans online at Cash Mart. Also, you can give us a call or drop by Cash Mart Balestier Road office. Then, meet its friendly team ready to assist you towards the smooth loan application process in just 3 minutes.