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5 Ways You Can Save Up with Your Air Tickets and Hotel Room Online

Are you planning a break free from stress? But upon booking your air tickets and hotel room, you lack funds. So how can you save for it?

Do you want to save up on your plane ticket and hotel accommodation? You must be clever enough to know the simple ways to cut fees without sacrificing comfort.

Shop around on various booking sites

It seems that nobody books flight directly with the airlines nowadays. Instead, most Singaporeans use flight booking sites. While this is a great idea, remember to browse for tickets and even hotel accommodation in incognito mode. Also, do not forget to deny cookies. This way, the site will not see your preferred destination.

Most sites use cookies, and they can easily track which one are you most likely to buy. With this information, they will gradually raise the prices of the tickets you are interested in purchasing. So if you forget to do this step, expect some ticket prices to go up every time you do your browsing. In addition, it helps if you clear your cache after you do your search.

Use the best credit cards with air miles.

If you plan to go overseas three to six months from now, it is best to get a credit card to earn air miles on every purchase you make. It does not have to be connected to travelling. You can earn miles with dining, groceries and even clothes. After half a year, you could have accumulated enough miles for a free ticket, an upgrade, or a discount.

American Express Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Credit Card

    • Welcome bonus – 5,000 KrisFlyer miles
    • Sign up Bonus – 3,000 KrisFlyer miles
    • Miles on Grab – 500 KrisFlyer miles on the first booking
    • Earn 1.1 air miles for each $1 spent locally

ANZ Travel Visa Signature Card

    • Free 10,000 air miles when you renew your card membership
    • Earn 1.4 air miles for each $1 spent locally

Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Card

    • Get 35,000 miles upon card application
    • Receive 1.4 air miles for each $1 spent locally

Citi PremierMiles Card

    • Earn 10 Citi Miles for every $1 spent on online travel bookings
    • 15,000 Miles upon application and charges for the first 3 months
    • Receive 1.2 air miles for each $1 spent locally

DBS Altitude Visa Card

    • Receive 1.2 air miles for each $1 on local spend
    • 3 miles for every $1 on selected online flight and hotel transactions

Be wary of fine prints

Budget airlines and airline promos are pretty tempting. But, these can easily turn into baits if you do not read the fine prints. Know the airline restrictions and the penalties it comes with them should you fail to comply. For example, many flyers pay more because they forget to check the luggage dimensions (weight and height) rules. Or when they fail to book their baggage online. Take note that baggage booking can cause way less if you book it online ahead of time.

Also, you must know if you are booking a refundable ticket. In case you need to cancel, can you get back your money? The same applies to your hotel accommodation. Some hotels will require a downpayment. Check if you can refund this before booking the room.

Use Dreamcheaper for hotel rooms.

After booking your room, use Dreamcheaper to help you find a better deal. Send your hotel booking details through an email to The Dreamcheaper will continuously scan the booking, hotel, and budget sites for a cheaper deal. You will get a notification. Once you have given your permission, Dreamcheaper will cancel your previous booking and make the new one for you. Then, it will continue searching for a better deal.

DreamCheaper for air tickets and hotel room

Make an email address for newsletters.

Are you the type of person who gets annoyed by many promotional emails in your personal email? It does not want to miss affordable deals. But then, you are better off with a new email address.

Create an email address, especially for marketing emails from booking sites, airline websites and other budget deals from other sites. You can sort out the deals in this email and mark the ones you think are helpful for you.

If you need more cash for a memorable getaway with your loved ones, you can get a quick cash loan from Cash Mart today.