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5 Reasons Buying Expensive Laptops Is Not Practical

People say buying expensive laptops is not practical. Spending too much on gadgets is not always worth it. Learn the reasons why.

A lot of Singaporeans think buying expensive laptops is practical. It assures them that it won’t quickly go obsolete. Moreover, they can save more since they do not need to upgrade for a couple of years. However, are you really going to keep in the long run?

Here are 5 reasons why we think it’s not.

Expensive Laptops is Not Practical


Cheaper laptops can have similar applications.

Ask yourself, “what will you do with the expensive laptop” not “what it can do for you.” Expensive laptops have specifications you may not need unless you are an engineer, a professional gamer, or an architect.

There are expensive laptops which are “over-specced”. Let’s say you want a laptop with a discrete GPU (short for a graphics processor unit). Then you really need to spend a handsome amount of cash. If you are not a pro-gamer nor a professional video editor, paying the extra money for this tech is not worth it.

One of the worst mistakes laptop buyers make is being obsessed with specifications. However, this is not the only factor to consider. Do not overlook the fact that you are buying one to use for a particular purpose which a cheaper laptop can do. So, while you know it can do lots of things, the real question is, “will you need these?”

Technology easily catches up.

Software and technology advancements happen every year, sometimes even a few times a year. It makes your laptop obsolete in a short span of time than you anticipated. Expensive laptops have high-end components. Upgrading will also be more costly than the other models.

If your reason to buy an expensive laptop is the thought that you can get the latest technology which will be high-end for quite some time, then you are in the assumption of “future-proofing.”

With the tech companies becoming more competitive over the years, they will absolutely develop something to outpace the current specs of the latest high-end laptops.

There are smartphones and tablets to do the job (sometimes better)

Do you need to buy a laptop? Smartphones and tablets let you access your e-mail, reply quickly and get notifications. You can even open word docs and other files. These gadgets are even lighter and much more on the go. Heavy laptops make you less mobile, especially if your lifestyle requires you to go places.

Other gadgets can meet your entertainment and work needs, join a virtual meeting through Skype, read news, watch on Netflix, and update your social media.

Battery life also has to be considered. Smartphones and tablets have longer battery life since they have smaller screens. However, laptops with a touchscreen and higher resolutions will use the battery life faster as it needs more power to light up every pixel on the screen.

Also, you can charge smartphones and tablets with power banks. Laptops require you to plug them into wall sockets to charge.

Warranties do not last long enough.

When warranties expire, you need to spend more on the repair. For example, if you plan to keep the expensive laptop for more than five years, you will have to pay more for the repair after the warranty expires.

Most CPU and HDD warranties are only up to five years. After that, the laptop needs fixing, and some parts need replacing over time, and the more expensive a laptop, the more you have to spend on it.

The survival of your laptop depends on your usage too.

Some buyers think that expensive branded laptops last longer than cheaper ones. Proper usage of laptops prolongs its life, not the brand itself. If you handle your laptop with care, keep it in a safe spot. In addition, avoid spilling on it. So, it would also last a long time.

Does the price define the quality of the laptop?

The most expensive laptop does not mean it is the best.

The actual practical step when buying your laptop is if you really need it and if it does fit your priorities. You may purchase a laptop with top-notch specs, but it will only become practical if you can use them all.

Focus on your needs first before getting carried away with high-edge capabilities. For example, if you must buy a new laptop, but your savings are not enough, you can get a personal loan from Cash Mart.