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5 Money-Saving Hacks to Spend Less on Groceries

We all go grocery shopping at least once a week. However, it drags down our budget. So here are tips on how to spend less on groceries.

Who can survive without food, toiletries, detergents and other cleaning stuff? No matter how thrifty you are, you will still be bound to make a trip and spend on these.

Each grocery shopping to refill your cupboard and refrigerator costs hundreds of Singaporean dollars. Wouldn’t it be nice to save cash when shopping for your everyday needs?

In a state known to have one of the highest living costs in the world, we all look for various ways to save up. Being frugal does not mean setting aside your family’s needs. It means finding ways to save up while still getting your necessities.

Here are five ways to save up and spend less on groceries.

Involve your family

When planning to make a shopping list, you need to involve your family in it for a couple of reasons:

  • There are certain things on the list that they may need to add. You might be saving, but remember to prioritise your family’s needs.
  • If it is not your turn to buy the groceries, it must be clear that the list has to be followed.
  • Make it clear who has to buy the specific item. There are times when I have purchased some items on the list only to come home and find out that my husband has bought the same things.

Create a shopping list and stick with it

Creating a shopping list needs serious planning. First, you need to walk through the home. Then, check the pantry and open your fridge. Also, check which needs to be refilled, replaced or restocked.

I used just to make mental notes on things to buy, then by the time I am already pushing the shopping cart, I can’t remember everything. So you might end up having a couple of butter at home.

Visit the wet market.

Supermarkets are not the only place where you can buy your meat, fish, veggies, poultry, herbs and spices. If you are determined to save more, you can visit wet markets. You can buy your supplies there every week. Plus, you’ll be happy with how much you have saved.

Take note that wet markets are only open until noon. You need to set a time to go there. If you are employed, you might have to visit the wet market on your day off.

Go Online Shopping

When almost everything is available online, expect grocery items to be included. Ever heard of theories that grocery staff strategically position items so it would entice you to buy more?

Candies and other stuff on the counter are too easy to grab and add to your cart. Bright yellow tags say you can buy two items and get another one for free. Of course, you might not be planning to buy it. But the free item is not easy to pass up.

If you do not have strong self-discipline, you can buy online in your own home. There is no need to haul your groceries back home because they will be delivered right to your doorstep.

You can also use a credit card to get rebates every time you shop online.

Use a credit card

There are credit cards which give cash back whenever you shop for groceries.

credit cards to spend less for groceries


  • Citi Cash Back Card

Earn 8% cash back every time you shop in any supermarket and grocery store across the island and even around the globe. Note that the maximum rebate you can earn is only up to $25.

  • UOB Delight Card

Spend at least $800 in Market Place, Giant, Jasons, Guardians or Cold Storage and get an 8% cash rebate. The rebates cap is $50.

  • OCBC NTUC Plus! Card

Use OCBC NTUC Plus! Card to get a 12% discount every time you shop at Warehouse Club and FairPrice Stores. If you spend at least $400, they will deliver your groceries to your home.

  • Maybank Family & Friends Platinum

Enjoy 8% cash rebates when you spend at least $1,000. So, for example, if you only spend $500- $999, you can still get some rebates at 5%.

  • POSB Everyday Card

Get as much as 6% on your groceries. Also, you will earn more rebates in Watsons, Sheng Siong and other partnering merchants.

It is best to use a credit card that helps you save up while spending on the thighs which you usually buy.


These are only five (5) suggested ways to save up and spend less on groceries in Singapore. Remember that not all of this can fit into everyone’s lifestyle. Choose the ones that best do yours. Saving up requires discipline. And while saving is a good cause, you must remember never to sacrifice your needs.