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5 Flexi Loan Benefits Singaporeans Need to Know

Need a loan, but your income is not qualified? Find a legal lender that offers various loan products. Also, look for flexi loan benefits.

Some Singaporeans are anxious to even apply for a loan. However, they don’t think they can get approved, considering their low income. The truth is that most moneylenders require a minimum income. It is for assurance that they can get paid.

The question is, where can the low-income earners get a financial lifeline? Of course, nobody wants to get involved with loan sharks. A handful of licensed moneylenders have understood this dilemma. Therefore, they created Flexi loans.

Flexi loans are short term loans especially created for low-income earners.

flexi loan benefits


5 Flexi Loan Benefits You Need to Know

Flexi loan eases the stress during a financial dilemma

Even experience lying in bed at night thinking how you will survive the next day with an empty wallet? And how will you go on a few days before your next salary?

The financial gap creates stress. People get anxious, especially if there is a sudden medical need for kids. A Flexi loan gives you hope to bridge this gap. Ease the stress by paying the medical bills not covered by the insurance.

You may have insurance, but the policy needs you to pay the bills first. Then, you can reimburse it. Finally, you can use the flexi loan to pay the bill.

Flexi loans are safe.

Borrow from registered moneylenders to ensure your information is safe from fraudulent activities. There are loan sharks who seem angels sent from above to help during your dark financial times. They will even push cash into your hands. Afterwards, they will squish out every cent you have, no matter what it takes.

When applying for a flexi loan, do not forget to secure your future. Get the flexi loan benefits only from licensed moneylenders.

Flexi loans help you rebuild your credit score.

Getting a flexi loan can help with your “no credit history.” Of course, no matter what you are earning now, it is best to keep your credit score in good shape. A credit score is crucial for loan applications. If moneylenders see that you have an outstanding credit history, you can easily get approved. In addition, you can even get a higher loan amount.

Remember that you only apply for the amount you are confident can pay off. Then, consistently meet the repayments and maintain a good relationship with your moneylender.

The best option for credit

There are other options you may have to get cash. For example, you can pawn your belongings, such as jewellery pieces. Failure to pay means losing what you have pawned.

What if you do not have anything to pawn? Maybe you can borrow from family and friends. You are lucky if someone lends you at short notice. However, you are risking the relationship you have. It is hard to face the person whose face reminds you of your loan.

What if you have nobody to turn to? Then, you can apply for the flexi loan benefits. Flexi loan is accessible, fast and convenient, especially if you can do it online.

Use a flexi loan for any purpose.

Flexi loans are multi-purpose loans. You can use it in any way you want. For example, pay your bills, purchase needed apparels, and buy groceries. It may help you reach rare opportunities such as investing.

If you want to learn new skills to upscale your career or get another job, you can use the flexi loan to enrol in some training lessons. Also, you can start a small home business as a sideline. Being a low-income earner does not mean you have no right to get any opportunities. Use a flexi loan as a tool to have a better income.

Common Misconceptions about Flexi Loan

It is only for those who are short on money or savings.

You can use the flexi loan to learn new skills or build a new home-based business. You may not need it for an emergency, but you can use it to make a better financial status.

It is a way to further debt.

A flexi loan may have interest charges, and that is understandable. If you get a flexi loan from a licensed moneylender, you can pick which fits your current finances. A responsible lender will not lend money which is impossible to get paid by the borrower.

Furthermore, you can avoid possible penalties if you consistently meet the repayments.

Borrow more than you need to have extra cash at hand

What other people think is that they must borrow more to get approved. What moneylenders consider is your ability to pay. Borrow what is within your means. The higher the amount you borrow, the higher the interest you need to repay.

Where to Get the Flexi Loan Benefits?

Cash Mart offers flexi loans to Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident earning below $20,000. This amount fits low-income earners who can’t get a loan from banks and most money lenders.

Need a flexi-loan? Get it from Cash Mart today.