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3Gen Flats: Singapore’s Housing Schemes for Multi-Generation Families

Have a family but do not want to live away from your parents? Try out 3Gen Flats Singapore’s housing schemes for multi-generation families.

No worries, HBD has created housing schemes for this purpose. 3Gen flats are designed to meet the needs of multi-generation families.

You can take care of your parents’ needs, or they can help out looking after your kids while you are at work. Whatever is the purpose, the government gives compensation to those who choose to stay with their family.

The 3gen Flat floor plan has four bedrooms. Two of these rooms have attached bathrooms. Also, there is a shared bathroom.

In addition, a kitchen, a living/dining room, a service yard, a storage room, the apartment shelter.

Who can apply for the 3Gen Flats?

3Gen Flats are offered to engaged, newly married, widowed or divorced with a child. You can now easily find a home to live in with your parents or near them.

Plus, under the Multi-generation Priority Scheme, you are given the priority of being granted a new HDB home.

Take note that either you or your fiancé/spouse must be a Singapore Citizen. Also, you must live with one of your [parents, who is also a Singapore citizen or permanent resident. Your parents must stay with you for five consecutive years (Minimum Occupation Period).

If you just want to live near your parents, you must apply for a flat in the same town or within 2km away.

3Gen Flats


Facts to Know About 3Gen Flats

You can’t sell your 3Gen flat during the first five years of purchase. This is the Minimum Occupation Period (MOP). After that, you cannot even sublet it to someone else.

Also, your parents must stay together with you. If you are only staying near your parents, you or your parents can apply for a 2 room flexi or bigger. After the MOP, you can then let someone rent a room.

In addition, after MOP, you can finally sell the flat if you want to move out. However, you can only sell your 3Gen to other eligible multi-generation families.

If this is the first time you are buying a resale flat, you can go on and apply for the Housing Grant for Family or the Half-Housing Grant. This way, the CPF can subsidize up to $40,000.


Why would you want to get a 3Gen flat?

  • You can take care of your parents, who are already retired. It is essential if your parents have existing health conditions. Also, if you are incredibly close to your parents, this makes close family ties between them and your children and spouse.
  • Your parents (if they are willing and able) can look after your kids while you are at work. They can bond together. Plus, you will feel more at peace knowing that your children are under good care.
  • Suppose you are not sure if your application for a flat will be granted. Then, with the Multi-generation Priority Scheme, they will prioritize your application. The Housing Board has launched 1,100 units of 3Gen apartments since it was launched in 2013.

If you already have your new flat and want to buy needed furniture to make it cosier, you can get a personal loan from Cash Mart.